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  Convey Personal Excellence and Professionalism at All Times
by Andy Robinson - Apr, 2010
Quality and Personal Excellence are two key elements of your Personal Brand. The degree to which you fully embrace the importance of these elements is communicated to others on a continuous basis and is incorporated into others' vision of who you are -- i.e., the Personal Brand that you broadcast . Those who are fully aware of this fact can definitely undertake action to broadcast a Personal Brand that elevates their professio...
  Getting What You Want to Come to You
by Marshall Brown - Apr, 2010
KNOWING WHAT YOU WANT AND COMMITTING YOURSELF TO OBTAINING IT ARE FUNDAMENTAL TO ACHIEVING SUCCESS IN YOUR CAREER AND PERSONAL LIFE. Paul is one of those people at work you just love to hate—but can’t, really, because he’s so darned nice. Things seem to go so easily for him. He lands contracts, the head of the company pops in with interesting projects, and customers call him with huge orders. It’s as if he’s just kicking ba...
  Career Transition Confusion? Seven Types of Psychological Motivation
by Sharon Cohen - Apr, 2010
• Are you in Career Transition? • Confused about your career direction? • What career will make you happy? • What are your extrinsic and intrinsic needs, your unmet needs? • Have you ever had a high paying job, where you were miserable? • Have you had a less prestigious or lower paying job, where you were happy? Most career tests only access your extrinsic needs and ignore intrinsic needs. Read on to learn about ca...
  Handwritten Notes - Personal Branding
by Andy Robinson - Apr, 2010
The Power of Handwritten Notes and Cards We've all heard this IDEA before, but read on about how to make this a HABIT that will transform your Personal Brand in a lasting manner. Very few people in business ever send hand-written notes and even fewer (and far between) do it on a regular basis. Yes, we do order boxes of those pre-printed "Thank You" notes, but then we file them away in our desk drawers and our supply clo...
  Why Do We Don’t Do What We WANT To Do
by Shweta Khare - Apr, 2010
There is so much we want to do there is so much we need to do, though simple words are they need and want often forces us on different paths; it does not a matter if we like it or not. We often don’t do what we want to do because of the various hurdles that we have or we make in our lives. But whatever this discussion comes to it is safe to say that it is easy to do what we want to do if we take care of the “need” first. Re...
  Driving Your Business: Road Rules for the Mobile Office
by Amanda Guralski - Apr, 2010
Sometimes, a professional life can quite literally be a bumpy ride. My friend Rachel, fresh out of teaching school, often hides out in her car during her lunch break. She needs a quiet place to prepare for her afternoon classes, and has a hard time finding privacy and relaxation at the busy, urban school where she currently teaches. “I loved hanging out in my car, and it became a sort of mini-office for me,” she says. “I’d...
  Money Talks. Are You Listening? Your Life Is Your Business.
by Dawn Lennon - Apr, 2010
Money is work. Given the chance, it will manipulate our decision-making. The question is: Who’s supposed to control the behavior of money? That would be us. When we have too little money to get what we want, we borrow and pay interest. When we have extra money, we invest and hope for gain. Too much borrowing and interest eats up what we earn. Poor investing means loss. There’s a lot of “woe is me” around money. When you...
by Nan S. Russell - Apr, 2010
Even now, months after it happened, it surprises me when I think about it. No phone call. No heads up. No discussion. As I opened the email from a business associate, checking my messages from an airport lounge, I expected a routine update. Instead, I read a message severing our relationship. What startled me wasn't that this person decided it best to change a business situation. These things happen. It was how she informed...
  Courageous or Kamikaze?
by Suzanne Bates - Mar, 2010
I have a theory about why people say stupid things in meetings. Having said a few stupid things in my own career, I went searching for an answer that didn’t malign overall intelligence. So my theory is that most of the time when people say something dumb they’re doing it out of courage. They believe whatever they have to say has to be said. Of course it is important to encourage people to speak freely. If the CEO has not...
  Managing Your Daily To-Do List
by Kimberly Schneiderman - Mar, 2010
Do you ever find you get so caught up in your list of things to do that you don't seem to get anything done? Following these four ideas to help you manage your daily tasks and long range projects will result in lots of checkmarks on your chore list! 1. The Daily To-Do Priority Technique: Look at your list of tasks. Put an "A" next to the items that absolutely have to be done first. Put a "B" next to the items that really ne...
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