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  Money Talks. Are You Listening? Your Life Is Your Business.
by Dawn Lennon - Apr, 2010
Money is work. Given the chance, it will manipulate our decision-making. The question is: Who’s supposed to control the behavior of money? That would be us. When we have too little money to get what we want, we borrow and pay interest. When we have extra money, we invest and hope for gain. Too much borrowing and interest eats up what we earn. Poor investing means loss. There’s a lot of “woe is me” around money. When you...
by Nan S. Russell - Apr, 2010
Even now, months after it happened, it surprises me when I think about it. No phone call. No heads up. No discussion. As I opened the email from a business associate, checking my messages from an airport lounge, I expected a routine update. Instead, I read a message severing our relationship. What startled me wasn't that this person decided it best to change a business situation. These things happen. It was how she informed...
  Courageous or Kamikaze?
by Suzanne Bates - Mar, 2010
I have a theory about why people say stupid things in meetings. Having said a few stupid things in my own career, I went searching for an answer that didn’t malign overall intelligence. So my theory is that most of the time when people say something dumb they’re doing it out of courage. They believe whatever they have to say has to be said. Of course it is important to encourage people to speak freely. If the CEO has not...
  Managing Your Daily To-Do List
by Kimberly Schneiderman - Mar, 2010
Do you ever find you get so caught up in your list of things to do that you don't seem to get anything done? Following these four ideas to help you manage your daily tasks and long range projects will result in lots of checkmarks on your chore list! 1. The Daily To-Do Priority Technique: Look at your list of tasks. Put an "A" next to the items that absolutely have to be done first. Put a "B" next to the items that really ne...
  Easy Ways to Plan for Career Success
by Debra Wheatman - Mar, 2010
When we are young people ask us, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” It’s a common enough question. Our parents, grandparents, teachers, and friends all serve to influence our decisions. Sometimes circumstances force us to choose a particular path. How may times have you heard someone say, “Well I wanted to be a dentist, dancer, actor, or sportscaster,” or something else? But they didn’t become any of those things ownin...
  Know When to Fold ’Em - A Smart Career Strategy
by Dawn Lennon - Mar, 2010
Have a job that isn’t going anywhere? Reluctant to leave your work mates? Nervous about changing jobs? Join the club! A lot of people stay where they are, taking the avenue of least resistance. Unfortunately, it’s also the road to nowhere. So if you’re on it, get ready to exit. Being in a dead-end job isn’t the worst that can happen. Staying there too long is. We let ourselves get stuck in our jobs because of naïve or...
  Achieve Incredible Career Success with an Accountability Partner
by Andy Robinson - Mar, 2010
Do You Have an Accountability Partner? ALL of us are extremely busy with the day-to-day demands of our work schedules and personal activities. In the midst of being busy, we often lose site of undertaking the important steps and activities necessary to achieve our career and life goals and objectives. The concept of being held accountable in order to reach your goals is not a new concept in goal achievement but those tha...
  It's Complicated
by Suzanne Bates - Mar, 2010
Not long ago, I sat in on a presentation at a business conference and thought I’d landed on Mars. The program topic was compelling but somehow the presenter managed to take us into outer space. No one was following him. I wondered why this is so complicated. The guy had managed to hide his brilliance under a bushel - seizing confusion from the jaws of clarity. Whenever someone says,”I don’t want to dumb it down,” I know...
  Five Things I Learned From My Dad About Business and Work
by Louise Fletcher - Mar, 2010
15 years ago today, my dad died. He smoked for years and barely made it to 60 before lung cancer took his life. We miss him terribly. He was one of those people who leave a huge hole when they go. On the day of his funeral, they needed a spillover room in the chapel to fit everyone in. Strangers came up to me, with tears in their eyes, to tell me how much my dad meant to them. And you know the interesting thing? Most of the...
  Career Success Tip: Develop a Lifelong Learning Habit
by Andy Robinson - Mar, 2010
For those who aspire to being the best that they can be and achieving incredible career success, LEARNING NEVER ENDS. Developing a sustainable HABIT of lifelong learning is a key career success philosophy. "Learning is not a product of schooling but the lifelong attempt to acquire it" - Albert Einstein Take it upon yourself to stay current on the latest thinking in your profession, in your industry and in your other are...
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