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  Focus First, Network Second
by Thomas J. Denham - Mar, 2010
The number one reason clients work with me is because they lack focus. A typical client may have been tossing around a few ideas in their head for a while, but are just not sure. Sometimes, they’ve been on the Internet seeing what’s out there with little or no luck. Without a sharply defined focus, this process quickly becomes scattered leaving them feeling confused, discouraged and at-risk of giving up any hope for change....
  A Brief Overview Of Common 401k Mistakes
by William Lemerond - Mar, 2010
Believe it or not there are many mistakes that can be made along the way when it comes to financial retirement savings and investing. Unfortunately a good many of these mistakes center around the 401(k), which can be a tremendous boost to your retirement plans when used properly in order to build your portfolio. The problem is that the mistakes are often the only things we hear when it comes to retirement plans and investing....
  Career Question: What Do You Have at Stake?
by Kris Parfitt - Mar, 2010
Considering a career change? Thinking of going for that promotion? Looking for a job? Something is motivating you to consider your options, but have you asked yourself the one question which once answered really identifies what would happen if you didn’t pursue the change? That question is simple in content yet profound in context: What do you have at stake? In other words, what do you have to lose in your life if you do NOT s...
  Learn How to Bounce Back - Things Can Be Better Than Ever!
by Beverly Jones - Mar, 2010
A business friend I’ll call Sam is now a very wealthy man, and he seems to be very happy as well. Sam has had several careers and pursued many entrepreneurial projects. Our paths have crossed for close to 30 years, but most often when Sam’s career has been in a tough patch. I have seen Sam when his business has been crashing, his industry has been cratering and his personal life has been in stress. I have watched him fight...
  How to Create a Personal Brand with out Being a Jerk
by Joshua Waldman - Feb, 2010
There are those talking about Personal Branding who are nothing more than ego-maniacs used to leading their high-school click. Personal Branding is NOT the same as being the center of attention or creating a cult of your own personality. In fact, a good brand is quite the opposite. Let me explain what I mean. Your Personal Brand, their Emotions Think about Steve Jobs. What emotions come to your head...I think: “innova...
  Are You Worth The Risk? Your Life Is Your Business
by Dawn Lennon - Feb, 2010
Any idea about who has a stake in you? I mean a real money stake based on your risk-reward value. Seem like a weird question? When you’re the investment, you’re expected to deliver a return. That’s right. Every time we borrow or accept money from an outside source, we are their investment. So we have an obligation to reward the investor. Here’s how this works. Let’s say, you’re a college student. Your parents pay part...
  You’re Killing Me
by Suzanne Bates - Feb, 2010
Ten Tips on WHAT NOT TO DO WITH EMAIL. More accurately, how to KILL ME with e-mail. • Don’t start with a salutation. Not everyone agrees on this, but I think it’s darn rude. How the do I know this note was intended for me if you don’t begin with “Dear Suzanne,” “Hi Suzanne,” “Good Morning Suzanne,” If I picked up the phone you wouldn’t say...”Listen I wonder if you have time to...” You’d warm me up and make me feel sp...
  Are You Caught Up in the Whirlwind?
by Andy Robinson - Feb, 2010
It's hard to believe that next Monday marks the beginning of March. Where has this year gone? The first quarter will soon be behind us. Take some time between now and the beginning of next week to STOP and step outside the WHIRLWIND of daily activity -- and take a look at the goals that you set for yourself for 2010. The whirlwind can consume us -- our time, our energy and our best laid plans. Find a nice quiet location...
  There's Always A Reason Not To Do Something In Your Career
by Deborah Brown-Volkman - Feb, 2010
As a career coach, people are always talking to me about their careers. We discuss their dreams, wishes, and future plans. But when I ask some of these people how they will implement their plan, their reasons for not moving forward begin to flow. Their reasons vary. Some people tell me they are too old. Some are too young. Some have the wrong education or not enough. Some have too much experience, while others don't have a...
  Writing Your Bio – Tips To Succeed
by Claudine Vainrub - Feb, 2010
Have you noticed that everyone seems to have a bio nowadays? Google the name of your favorite celebrity, visit their website and you’ll probably find a bio with his or her accomplishments, career beginnings, areas of expertise and much more. Well, you don’t have to be famous to sell yourself like a celebrity. The beauty of a bio is that it helps you tell your story in a way that sells you well. 1. It’s like dating – First I...
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