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  How to Network Smarter: Add Value First, Get Job Leads Second
by Kevin Donlin - Jun, 2010
Hey, college graduates -- pay attention. What follows is an interview I did with Megan Gebhart, a junior at Michigan State University. She is doing several smart things to position herself for rapid employment upon graduation in 2011. There are at least three job-search lessons in the conversation below. Can you find them? Kevin: Megan, you posted a discussion on LinkedIn about how you used your alumni connections to...
  Can LinkedIn Help You Land a New Job?
by Robin Ryan - Jun, 2010
Social networking is all the rage, but can LinkedIn really help you get hired? Yes - with an emphasis on the word "help." I work closely with my career counseling clients, advising them on how to use this social media more effectively in their job search. LinkedIn is widely used by internal staffing departments in most high tech companies and in many Fortune 1000 companies. You may hear more about Twitter or Facebook, but...
  Social Media Cannot be Taught
by Joshua Waldman - May, 2010
I was teaching a class of career advisers over the last few weeks on how to instruct their clients on the proper use of social media in their job hunt. Several of their clients lost their jobs because of inappropriate comments on Facebook. Other clients lost potential opportunities because of not having a photo on LinkedIn. Shortly after the 2nd class on Facebook Privacy, Facebook changed the privacy settings making a...
  Zero to Hired in 30 Days with Guerrilla Networking
by Kevin Donlin - May, 2010
If you’re in the job market today, you know that the shortest route to employment is often...non-existent. You email your resume in response to a job posting. Then wait. Email to follow up. Wait. Get a phone interview. Wait to hear back from the employer. Etc. What a long, strange trip it can be -- if you do what everyone else is doing. But what if you blaze your own trail and make your own rules? That’s what “guer...
  5 New LinkedIn Fashions for Personal Branding: What’s Hot, What’s Not!
by Sharon Cohen - May, 2010
• Are employers searching for you online? • What will they find out about you? • Do you know the latest fashions for LinkedIn profiles? Increasingly, Recruiters and Human Resource professionals research potential employees online via their LinkedIn profile. Thus, your reputation or personal brand is an essential career management issue. If this it hasn't yet impacted you, just wait until your next promotion or job searc...
  Five Steps To Help You Make The Most Of LinkedIn
by Kimberly Schneiderman - May, 2010
After attending the Resume Writing Academy's E-Summit on Writing LinkedIn Profiles, I am sharing a few key ideas that will help you make your LinkedIn profile and overall presence more appealing to recruiters, potential business partners, and customers. Most people filled out their LinkedIn profile several months or years ago and haven't touched it since. So often, the i...
  Where Do Job Leads Come From?
by Harry Urschel - May, 2010
That’s what most job seekers want to know! “What is the most likely source for finding the right job?” and “Where should I focus my time?” Questions that make sense to ask… however, are very difficult to answer! MANY times, the best job leads come from the most unlikely sources! The best job lead may come out of the blue! Over the last four years, I’ve helped lead a job networking group and teach an 8-week class on job...
  Follow up, Follow up, Follow up!!!
by Harry Urschel - May, 2010
“It’s been a week since my interview and I haven’t heard anything...” “I had a great informational interview but that was the last I heard...” “I had a phone conversation with a good contact in the company...” “I have almost 100 people I’ve networked with in my job search so far...” “I met someone, at (an event) that said they knew someone, but haven’t heard back...” “...should I follow up?” I teach an 8 week...
  7 Essential Paper-tools and Social Media Tools for your Job Search Portfolio!
by Sharon Cohen - May, 2010
Next step – Career Transition Action Plan outline (Part II) A resume is not enough! You will need a portfolio of professional paper-tools and job search tools. These tools should be in both the traditional formats (i.e.: hardcopy of a resume) and in the Web 2.0 formats (i.e.: LinkedIn profile) Read on to learn about the 7 Essential Papertools for your Career Transition Action Plan (Part II) This post is part II...
  Networking Wins – And Not Always – But Only By Default
by Judi Perkins - May, 2010
One client that was referred to me was also referred to another coach. During the free consultation, she emphasized the power of networking and what an integral part of her program it was. Well, great, but that wasn’t really going to help this person because of the changes he’s looking to make. Additionally, networking isn’t the only route to turning something up. There are three other ones: recruiters, cold companies, a...
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