50 (Still) Hot Resume Writing Tips!
August 27, 2009
Does your current resume need a facelift?

These 50 hot resume writing tips can give your resumes a needed facelift if you have a resume that is not working for you.

Use these hot 50 resume writing tips to help proofread a resume...regardless of who does the resume writing.

- Proofread resumes for grammar, spelling and factual errors
- Use consistent font size. Watch bullet sizes
- Limit or avoid graphics when writing a resume
- Use upper case letters sparingly and only when appropriate
- Fancy, expensive resume writing paper is not always a priority
- Using bullets will make resumes easier to read
- Do not use “responsibilities”, “responsibilities include” and “duties include”
- Volunteer work and community service enhances a resume
- Adjust margins if the resume is slightly too long
- Avoid personal pronouns like “I”, “my” and “me” except in the objective statement
- Do not list complete addresses of past employers
- Do not include names of references on the resume. Add a separate reference document.
- Keep in mind that the top 30-40% of the resume gets the most attention
- Use an ASCII font
- Use page numbers if the resume is more than one page
- Add name and contact to all pages if more than one page
- Try a resume blaster service
- Printing out an online profile is not the same as having a resume
- Use tables to align columns and remove lines
- Use a professional email address on your resume
- Hyperlink your email address
- Do not place information above your name
- Set resume margins no smaller than .5
- New grads and career changers should put education close to top of resume
- With years of experience, move education to the bottom of the resume
- A resume has about 30 seconds to make an impression on the recruiter
- Make it easy to read
- Change the resume objective statement as needed
- Write a strong "Summary of Qualifications"
- Use industry “buzz words” or keywords on a resume
- Resumes must identify specific successful outcomes
- Use $, % and # to demonstrate achievements
- One specific phrase to try and avoid – Entry Level
- Do not use one word resume objectives eg "Sales"
- Research advantages of the Chronological Resume vs Functional resume
- Be consistent with date formats on the resume eg 09/09, Sep 09, Sep 2009
- Consider the Combination resume
- Get others to proof read your resume – be open to criticism
- It is not necessary to include every job you have ever had
- Keep all resume content relevant
- Not all online resume writing services are equally capable
- Always keep a resume writing guide on your desk for quick reference
- Resumes, reference sheets, cover letters and thank-you letters can have the same letter head format
- Try to bring quality resume paper for interviews
- Do not include social security numbers; federal resumes may require it
- Use Action Verbs on the resume to describe accomplishments
- Use short paragraphs. 3-5 sentences maximum
- White space on a resume is not a bad thing
- Make sure resume contact information is current. The recruiter must be able to contact you.
- Consider working with a professional resume writer for a free resume critique