Can you become an “Olderpreneur”?
Enterprise isn’t just for the young. People of any age can start up a business. When we are past fifty we sometimes feel it will be difficult to find an employer who will offer us the flexibility we want in a job. We come to an age where we want to “do our own thing” and be in control of our environment.

Starting your own business is something you can do for yourself and it can provide you with a viable and interesting livelihood up to and beyond retirement.

Many olderpreneurs have self-employment thrust upon them as a result of redundancy or corporate down sizing. Others consciously choose to go it alone, often seeking to fulfill a long-held dream. Do you have the personality to be successful at your own business? If you can answer “yes” to the following questions, it may be worth talking about.

1. Do you enjoy working independently?

2. Are you self-disciplined?

3. Do you take full responsibility for your success or failures?

4. Can you hold to your ideas and goals when others disagree with you?

5. Can you afford to lose the money you invest in your business?

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