Random Acts of QBQ!
A CiCi's Pizza guest speaks:

Traveling through Ohio, we were, as usual with two little ones in tow, running late. Nothing seemed to be going right. We had promised our three-year-old that we would stop at CiCi's Pizza in Marion, Ohio, but heavy traffic and waiting for an accident to clear had put us hours behind schedule. It was 11PM when we arrived at the restaurant. The lights were off and they appeared closed. We were tired, hungry, and had been driving way too long. Our son was a grump and the baby needed to be changed and fed. While deciding what to do, we were approached by a man leaving the restaurant who asked if he could assist us. I told him of our plight, acknowledging that we had meant to arrive much earlier. To my disbelief he invited us in! His name was Devin and he said he had just closed up for the night, but it would be no trouble to "fire up" the stove again. So he reopened just for us, personally prepared everything we wanted, warmed the baby's bottle, and even gave The Grump special CiCi's game tokens. I'm still stunned. Nobody does things like that anymore. Well, I guess Devin does. I'm now a CiCi's fan for life and have told everyone I know about our experience!

Cindy, from Indiana:

I stopped by Floyd Memorial Hospital in New Albany, Indiana, to drop off a loaf of bread for a patient who is a friend of mine. Upon asking the reception desk volunteer for the man's room number, she said there was nobody there by that name. I admitted apologetically that I had assumed he was at this facility and must've been mistaken. I now knew he had to be at the competitor hospital across town. As I turned to walk out, the lady called after me, "Let me get hold of the other hospital for you and see if we can get the information you need." I stopped dead in my tracks, thinking: Imagine that. Someone has offered to meet my need, even in the face of the fierce competition that exists between the two facilities. Her focus is on me—the customer. She made the call, got the info, wrote down the room number, and sent me on my way, wishing me well on my quest. Now that's exceptional service!

Ron, a Wal-Mart associate:

At our store in Olean, N.Y., a young woman came in at Christmas to buy a TV for her aunt in a town 20 miles away. She asked if we delivered and my boss told her that normally we don't but he was sure we could do something to help her out. After she picked out a TV, another fella and I loaded it into a truck and drove it to her elderly aunt's apartment two towns away. When we got there, this woman was so excited that she asked us to stay for a while. I think she wanted company. After we unboxed the TV and hooked it up, we tuned it to her favorite show: The Price Is Right. She then gave us both milk and cookies—I'm not kidding—and we sat watching the show with her for a bit. I will never forget how happy she was and how fortunate I felt to work for a company that allows us to go above and beyond in serving our customers.