Should Job Seekers Follow Up After an Interview?
Clients often ask us if they should follow up after an interview. There can be a lot of doubt and confusion about whether following up is a proper job search strategy. But the answer is:


The majority of candidates will never follow up after an interview. I would say that for every ten people I’ve interviewed, only one has followed up after the interview. Job seekers as a whole underestimate the effectiveness and benefits of proper post-interview follow-up.


It makes a great impression! When you follow up after the interview you remind the hiring manager of who you are and of your interest in the position. It’s always the polite thing to do. By following up with the hiring manager, you show that you are detail-oriented, have proper business etiquette and respect, and that you demonstrate your gratitude. These are three traits any business would be thrilled about having in an employee.

The next time you have an interview, don’t forget to follow up with the hiring manager or hiring committee. It’s a great way to show them your interest and make a great first impression.