What Do Employers Look For?
Employers and Graduate Schools look for seven things:

1. Academic success usually means a “B” average or better. Many employers and Graduate Schools will not even consider you if you don’t meet their academic standards.

2. The quality of your college education refers to the rating, reputation and status of your college.

3. A well-rounded college experience.

- Participation in clubs and athletic activities
- Work experience
- Community activities
- Campus events and activities
- Willingness to try things

4. Successes, accomplishments and results.

- Leadership roles and experiences in your area of interest
- Demonstrated strengths that differentiate you from others
- Communication skills (speak, write, present, listen, teach, etc.)
- Examples of competence with technology and computers
- Ability to build relationships and function in a team environment
- Examples of having accepted responsibility
- Ability to overcome obstacles
- Willingness to be held accountable

5. A powerful resume that presents the student’s assets and capabilities.

6. Outstanding communication and interviewing skills.

7. Strong references from professors, advisors, coaches, employers, community leaders and other impressive people.

These seven items are the keys to success as students attempt to enter the world of work or be accepted to a desirable Graduate School. If students want their careers to get off on the best foot after college, each student should keep these items in the forefront, as they progress through their college experience.