Company Overview
The application of quantitative research and analysis methods has exploded over the last decade. While access to high performance, low-cost computing power and storage enabled this growth, ultimately it was a thirst for new and innovative solutions that drove it.

Nowhere has this trend been in greater evidence than in asset management. Founded in 1998, Axioma quickly emerged as a recognized innovator. From the start, Axioma focused on flexibility. Existing portfolio-management tools often forced investors to adapt their processes and strategies to the idiosyncrasies of the solution itself. Axioma emphasized solutions that users tailored to their own investment and risk-management processes, thus empowering them to fully implement their proprietary strategies and ideas. 

Axioma counts among its clients nearly 200 of the world's leading buy-side firms—asset managers, pensions and hedge funds—and offers the most comprehensive suite of portfolio-construction, risk-management and performance-attribution software and content products available in the market today.

Axioma’s success reflects its history as a repeat market disruptor.
Company Summary
Axioma, Inc.
Number of Employees
500 or more
(212) 991-4500
17 State Street
New York, NY