Company Overview

People matter to us! Our company specializes in providing a recruiting experience that is fun and fast. Our recruiting is creative and effective, as well as affordable for our clients and the people they’re looking to hire. We also designed our own Applicant Tracking System that provides a first-class user experience. The more people we can help find great jobs, the happier we are.

Things We Care About
People and happiness. We want people to be in fulfilling careersJob satisfaction and job fit are crucial when making a match. We want happy people who can provide for themselves and their families.

We also practice this firsthand by providing flexible jobs to stay at home parents, people changing careers, humans that care for other humans. Our team is mostly remote, spread all around the country and are well trained to help you find good people.

Our recruiters spend time getting to know our applicants, their skills, education, and life experiences. Our team provides our applicants and clients the best experience possible. It’s all about the match.

How It Began
As an HR Director for a tech-based language learning company, Damon knew the company had huge seasonal hiring needs. He needed to hire some great employees that could teach various languages to students across the US 2-3 times a year. HR didn’t need a full-time recruiter all year long but needed help finding new people with solid language skills to share with our students.

After a lot of pleading and begging Damon was approved for a limited budget for seasonal recruiting help. He asked traditional headhunters and temp staffing companies if he could rent their staff to recruit good employees and have them recruit for him with their systems and processes as needed. He was told that they don’t work like that and need to make more money to help us find good people. He needed to find good employees for an affordable rate. He didn’t think that should be as hard as it was proving to be.

Then and there the decision was made that Damon would create a company that allowed people to “rent” experienced recruiters with their own equipment, systems and databases when they needed them. Not only did he want to help as many companies as he could find great employees at an affordable rate, but he also wanted to create and provide flexible jobs to a non-traditional work force. Helping people find jobs they are happy in, can make a world of difference in someone’s daily life.  HRmango was born out of recruiting pain, limited budgets and having a big heart.

People Matter. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are Our Top Priorities.
We believe that just like there are hundreds of diverse mangos in the world, a diverse workforce is essential for creativity, strategic thinking, and company growth. We actively recruit diverse candidates and partner with companies that value diversity. This not only drives diversity, equity, and inclusion but also helps drive positive change in society, the environment, and the economy. Embracing employee diversity leads to new ideas and creativity.

Find a career that makes you happy
We're more than just a consulting firm. We're a family.
We know that talented people are attracted to companies with long term success and amazing cultures. Embark on your journey with us today by exploring our diverse range of available job opportunities.

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