Company Overview

Who We Are

A health company that puts people first, we exist to deliver better everyday health with humanity. 

Billions of people have confidence in our world-class portfolio of brands designed to improve everyday health and wellbeing. But as well as delivering trusted products, we are committed to making everyday health better for people and better for the planet

For Health. With Humanity 

We are a world-leading company 100% focused on everyday health. Our leading brands, Advil, AquaFresh, Biotene, Centrum,
Chapstick, Parodontax, Poligrip, Sensodyne, Tums and Voltaren,  are built on science, innovation and human understanding and are trusted by millions of consumers globally.

We exist to deliver better everyday health with humanity.

Every improvement we make can have a positive impact on people's everyday health. Which is why we show up, every day, to always do the right thing. With a restless energy to go beyond. To do what matters most. And to keep it human. 

Our Company at a Glance

Our Science: Science with Humanity
Trusted science combined with a deep human understanding is the cornerstone of everything we do. Nothing drives us more than going beyond. To deliver innovation to help you enjoy a better life.


  • Trusted: Our science is comprehensive, highly innovative and externally recognized for being so.
  • Human: We’ll never stop developing new health solutions backed by science with you and for you.
  • Inclusive: Nothing drives us more than developing science that helps you to feel empowered to manage your health with confidence.
  • Responsibly Designed: Our aim is to design science and solutions with the environment and sustainability in mind, without compromising on safety and effectiveness.
Our Science Understands You.
Our science is founded on deep human understanding - listening and tuning our research to deliver precisely what you need. That's why millions of people around the world have come to rely on our products. 

Our Impact
More achievable. More Inclusive. More sustainable. We're committed to delivering better everyday health with humanity. 

Our Sustainability Strategy
We have a responsibility and unique opportunity to help break down the social and environmental barriers that hold people back from better everyday health.


So that more people everywhere can be empowered to look after both their own wellbeing and the planet’s. Together, we can deliver better everyday health with humanity.

Company Summary
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(484) 944-3821
184 Liberty Corner Road
Warren, NJ