Company Overview

Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc. is reshaping and revolutionizing the Workplace of the Future™.

The company guides and supports its customers’ digital transformation through its expansive office technology portfolio, including IT Services (All Covered), content services, managed print services and industrial and commercial print solutions.

The Creation of New Value

This is the reason Konica Minolta exists. And what guides everything we do as a company. It is our goal to identify the values that our customers and society as a whole, seek — and then do what we can do to meet those needs.

We believe in bringing the ideas of customers and society to life through innovation and contribute to the creation of a high-quality society. We’re determined to be a company vital to humanity by providing exciting innovation that exceeds everyone’s expectations. We’re committed to being a company that stands firmly in the tracks of our values even in difficult times with a solid and quality business base, ensuring we remain courageous and ready to provide new value in the face of any challenge.


Possessing a mindset that drives us to best serve and improve the quality of society in all our activities, we are determined to become a company that is vital to global society by providing excitement that exceeds the expectations of all.


  • Open and honest
  • Innovative
  • Inclusive and collaborative
  • Customer-centric
  • Passionate
  • Accountable


Actions Define Character
You want a relationship with a business partner you can trust. The challenge is finding one. Look no further. In all of our relationships, Konica Minolta is committed to the highest level of corporate ethics as reflected in our corporate values. Given the opportunity, we’ll prove to you that we’re the real deal when it comes to being a trusted partner.

  • Integrity
    We will always practice the highest standards of honesty and integrity in every aspect of our work and in all our business relationships.
  • Quality
    We will strive to ensure that our products and services are the best in the marketplace through continuous quality improvements.
  • Customer Satisfaction
    We will respect our customers and strive to exceed their expectations in every aspect of our business relationships.
  • People
    Our strength comes from our employees. We will continually foster trust, respect, cooperation and a mutual commitment to excellence.
  • Corporate Citizenship
    We will be good corporate citizens by making corporate citizenship an integral and intrinsic part of our business activities and relationships.

Equal Opportunity Across the Board

Empowering every individual to achieve greater unconditional opportunity, growth and success.

Konica Minolta is committed to upholding a culture that truly values differences and places a premium on inclusion. This is how we approach our business – and we entrust this high standard to all of our employees. As an organization dedicated to leveraging the unique talent of every individual, we advocate the principles of equal opportunity for all and are committed to the ideals of fairness, opportunity and mutual respect.

Employee Diversity
Konica Minolta believes that Diversity in the work place is essential to fostering creativity and innovation. That is why Konica Minolta actively promotes diversity among our employees. We feel that our strength lies in our employees and that through assembling a diverse team composed of members from different qualifications, backgrounds and experiences we can continuously create new value for society. Konica Minolta seeks to offer a workplace environment in which each and every employee can succeed while enjoying physical and mental well-being and contributing to a diverse team.

Why Konica Minolta?

Konica Minolta has a rich history of providing superior solutions and services to businesses worldwide. From printing, scanning and copying, to cloud storage and advanced security functions, our award winning products and solutions help companies move information faster, improve quality, enhance security and protect the environment.

At Konica Minolta, you’ll work for an amazing technology company with wide ranging growth opportunities, great benefits and talented passionate co-workers.

Company Summary
Konica Minolta Business Solutions
Number of Employees
(201) 818-3279
100 Williams Drive
Ramsey, NJ