Company Overview
LCOR is a fully integrated investment, management and development company with a 30+ year track-record of creating unique opportunities and successful execution of large-scale profitable projects. Our proven history and established capital relationships have helped us pioneer the many public/private partnerships that are a trademark of our success. In 2012 LCOR recapitalized the company with a major U.S. pension fund and the resulting new platform, with a significant asset and capital base, is poised for strategic portfolio growth. 

Our specialty in developing core urban mid- and high-rise properties, including large-scale multifamily, commercial, and mixed-use properties, has generated strong investment returns while enhancing the quality of life for residents, office workers and shoppers, alike. Our real estate operating and development business manages more than 7,400 multifamily units, 7.5 million square feet of commercial space and a substantial development pipeline of mixed use real estate in core markets. Nationally, we have developed more than 21,000 residential units and 18+ million square feet of commercial space. We are principally focused in the eastern United States, with offices in New York City and the Washington D.C. and Philadelphia metro areas. 

We actively seek acquisition and redevelopment opportunities, particularly those where our core investment and asset management skills can be employed to reposition or otherwise create value for older or troubled assets. Our third-party residential property services are a prime example of this integration of expertise to the benefit of both investors and residents. 

Members of the senior executive team have worked together for more than 25 years and LCOR vice presidents and other professionals average more than two decades of real estate experience. This depth of talent supports a significant alignment of interests between senior management and the success of the company's projects. 

Fairness, transparency and an appropriate and reasonable sharing of risk and reward with capital partners, including premier global equity and debt providers, characterize our transactions. This sense of partnership extends beyond finance to also include brokers, other developers and landowners. 

LCOR was formed in 1992 to continue the legacy of The Linpro Company and address the need for third-party advisory and consulting services, development and investment activities and to assist government agencies and public authorities in maximizing the value and utility of their real estate.
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