Company Overview
New York Blood Center (NYBC) is one of the largest independent, community-based, nonprofit blood centers in the United States. Each year, NYBC provides approximately one million blood products to hundreds of hospitals in the Northeast, helping save the lives of cancer and surgery patients, accident and burn victims, AIDS and sickle cell anemia patients, transplant recipients, hemophiliacs, and many others.

As one of the most preeminent and comprehensive blood centers in the world, New York Blood Center operates under a four-part mission. Specifically, NYBC exists:

  • To provide the highest quality blood and stem cell products and related medical and consultative services to hospitals and patients primarily in the greater New York metropolitan area
  • To conduct the highest quality, novel and innovative research in the fields of hematology, blood banking and transfusion medicine, and cellular therapies, thus advancing these fields and positively impacting the public health
  • To develop products, technologies, and services in the fields of hematology, blood banking, and transfusion medicine and cellular therapies, with the potential to have worldwide humanitarian impact
  • To train the next generation of leaders in each of these fields
Company Summary
New York Blood Center
Number of Employees
500 or more
4501 Vernon Blvd
Long Island City, NY