Company Overview

Square Roots is a leader in urban indoor farming. Its scalable farm-tech platform brings fresh, healthy food to urban areas year-round, while simultaneously training future generations of farmers. The company was founded in 2016 by serial entrepreneurs Tobias Peggs and Kimbal Musk (WEF Social Entrepreneur of The Year 2017) and is headquartered in New York City.

People are at the heart of what we do.
At Square Roots, we create meaningful jobs in modern farming. We actively incorporate diversity, equity, and inclusion in our hiring practices and invest in our teams to offer accelerated career paths to all employees. Our success as a company is defined not just by how much we grow as a business, but also our impact on the planet and the people we serve.

Our Mission

To responsibly bring our locally grown food to people in cities around the world, all year round.

Our Values

We strive to build and retain a diverse team of values-driven, high performers who are supported, connected, and empowered to do their best work daily.

Optimism | Authenticity | Transparency | Resilience | Dedication | Understanding | Respect | Connection | Collaboration | Clarity | Empowerment


    We use the resources we do need, carefully. Our hydroponic growing systems efficiently recirculate water, growing produce with 95% less water than conventional field farms.
    Farms do not have to be in fields. We repurpose existing urban infrastructure, like empty parking lots, and use upcycled shipping containers to construct our farms, reducing our impact on the land.
    Being closer to your farm has its perks. We build our farms in cities, and pick produce at its peak so you can enjoy fresher greens that last longer in your kitchen.

Growing fresh, local food responsibly.
We are committed to bringing local produce to cities using sustainable farming practices to minimize our environmental impact. Our aim is to grow more food with fewer resources. We design our farms with sustainability in mind, repurposing existing urban infrastructure and growing our produce inside refurbished, upcycled shipping containers. Our farms use significantly less water and land in comparison to conventional field farms. And we locate our farms in cities, resulting in shorter supply chains that reduce food miles and help minimize food waste. We never use pesticides or GMOs, and all of our facilities are USDA GAP-certified for superior food and operational safety.

We are your local farm, doing things a little differently.
Our indoor farms can pop up practically anywhere, including cities that have historically had limited access to fresh, local food. We grow more food using fewer resources. And because our produce arrives in local stores within hours of harvest, we minimize the impact on the environment both in our supply chain and in the surrounding area. Square Roots is your local farm, 365 days a year. We consistently grow our high-quality produce year round, regardless of weather or season.

Feeding more people, faster.
To meet increasing demand for locally grown food, we can deploy a commercial-scale farm in any new market in just three months. The proven flexibility of our cloud-connected modular architecture means Square Roots farms can be located practically anywhere—next to a distribution center, a supermarket, or in the middle of your neighborhood—and start growing food fast.


Grow with us.
We want everyone at Square Roots to make their biggest impact, so we can work together and achieve our mission to bring locally grown food to people in cities, all around the world. We are an equal opportunity employer with an intentional diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) mindset that’s at the root of our hiring process. We actively work towards being an anti-racist company.

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