Company Overview

Dare to Transform

Transforming urban life is about pushing limits and creating cutting-edge spaces and experiences.

Who We Are

We Are Reshaping Cities With Vision
We strive to propel cities forward. Our developments are inclusive, tech-forward and sustainable, and serve as economic and creative engines for their communities.

We Are Supporting Thriving Communities
From large-scale engineering and infrastructure projects to forward thinking affordable housing solutions, we are committed to growing thriving neighborhoods wherever we work.

We Are Committed to Innovation and Entrepreneurship
We relentlessly pursue innovation. By empowering our talented team, we promote entrepreneurship and new ideas to bring our ambitions to life.

We Are a Home for Culture
We create unique cultural experiences. We work to bring inspiring arts, entertainment and culinary offerings to life to make memorable moments.

We Are Wellness for People and Planet
We offer unrivaled wellness. Our properties encourage active, healthy lifestyles through integrated fitness and sustainable design to support the health of people and our planet.

Hospitality Is in Our DNA
With us, hospitality comes first. With an eye to tech and a human touch, we provide seamless service that anticipates needs and enhances lives.

Our Vision

We passionately create visionary neighborhoods and communities that transform urban life.

We define the future of cities. City by city, property by property, and experience by experience, we challenge what it means to live, connect and belong. We’re a multi-hyphenate, full-stack company that curates unmatched experiences and offers unrivaled hospitality, all to inspire members of diverse communities to live their best lives.

Our Values

  • Lead with passion and a vision for the future
  • Act with integrity
  • Innovate with purpose
  • Have a positive impact
  • Deliver and exceptional customer experience
  • Create opportunity for communities and colleagues

Our Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

Related is a champion of environmentally conscious real estate. We continuously advance the design, construction and operation of our properties to reduce their environmental footprint.

Social Engagement
Our holistic approach to being a good neighbor includes local recruitment, training and job placement and partnerships with non-profit organizations with a focus on kids, sustainability, the local community and the arts.

Giving Back
Our Related Cares program provides both a giving back and volunteering opportunities to our employees across the country.

Responsible Governance
Our governance and business ethics reflect our dedication to our broader vision for creating a legacy of positive social, economic and environmental impacts.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Help Build Cities that Support Thriving Communities

It is a bedrock belief of this organization that diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) are not only socially responsible, they are the foundation of a successful business.

Related is committed to building inclusive communities and increasing diversity, equity and inclusion within the company and the broader real estate industry.

We believe it is our responsibility to promote an industry that is reflective of our society. We are at our best as a company when diverse perspectives are guiding conversations and shaping our approach. Our goal is to select from a pool of applicants who represent the varied backgrounds of the communities we serve to find motivated problem solvers and creative thinkers who will be the next generation of leaders transforming cities.


We continuously advance our approach to reduce environmental footprint.

Related is committed to environmentally conscious real estate. We continuously advance the design, construction and operation of our properties to reduce their environmental footprint. Our dedication to sustainable design, extensive experience in green building and reputation for innovation has made us a go-to resource for New York City policy impact initiatives like the New York City Green Codes Task Force and the New York City Building Resiliency Task Force.

Who We Are and How We Work

Our people are creative problem solvers with unrelenting passion who continually exceed expectations in pursuit of achieving what to others might seem impossible. For us, to build means to reshape skylines and the way people look at cities. But it's so much more than that...

“Our people are our greatest asset. It’s not just a phrase we use, it’s a tenet we firmly believe in. To be the best, you need to attract and retain the best employees. With something for everyone—from finance to development and much more—we offer career variety that is as diverse as our employees.” – Lauren Geer, Chief Human Resources Officer.

At Related, our people are our greatest asset. Our conviction to acquire and invest in top talent allows us to continually create best-in-class products and deliver a renowned customer service experience. We recognize the strength in upholding a vibrant and diverse workplace culture and strive to enable our employees to reach their fullest potential. Related believes in investing in our talent, and we dedicate ourselves every day to cultivating a positive, team-oriented environment where every voice is heard. We encourage our employees to boldly take on new challenges, constantly surpass the status quo and demonstrate a strong entrepreneurial spirit. With this commitment to excellence, Related reinforces its pursuit of innovation to ensure a profound impact on the communities in which we do business.

At Related, you'll find a unique employee base comprised of subject matter experts who have been here for decades working alongside fresh new talent. Together they are taking us to the next level. With exposure to monumental projects and exceptional benefits, we’re confident we’re providing a first class experience and tremendous opportunities for professional growth. 

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