Company Overview

Care Like No Other®
Safe. Trusted. Exceptional.
Welcome to Valley Health System, where our mission is to serve the communities of Northern New Jersey and southern New York with exceptional, world-class healthcare in a regional healthcare setting. We’re committed to keeping communities healthy through our comprehensive inpatient and outpatient programs; highly skilled home care services; community-based medical practices and wellness programs; and collaborations with some of the world’s leading healthcare organizations.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Valley Health System and its three entities – The Valley Hospital, Valley Home Care and Valley Medical Group – abide by the following Mission, Vision and Values: 

Enhancing lives by healing, caring and inspiring wellness.

By investing in our people, programs, facilities and technology, and offering the highest quality clinical services and patient- and family-centered care, Valley Health System will be the system of choice for our community.

We are here to SERVE & CARE. We are committed to Zero Harm, 100% Reliability and the Safety of all.

Care Like No Other® Begins with Careers Like No Other

Valley Health System is proud of our commitment to improving the lives of our patients, our staff, and the communities we serve. When you join Valley, you’re joining a team of people who believe in delivering quality care in a supportive environment where top performance is both nurtured and recognized. Our culture is built on going the extra mile, doing what’s right, and always striving to be better together.

When you join Valley, you become part of an award winning organization dedicated to improving the lives of our patients, our staff and the communities we serve. We take pride in our commitment to outstanding service, exceptional reliability and the safest environment and outcomes for our patients and staff. At Valley, you will have the ability to work alongside people who believe in delivering safe care in a supportive and energetic work environment that promotes and recognizes high performance guided by the principles of fair and just accountability. Valley is primarily located in the northern New Jersey area, but expands to other areas including New York.

Working At Valley
Valley employees value a friendly, family-like atmosphere where both individual accomplishments and team work are recognized and rewarded. They enjoy the camaraderie of working with their colleagues and knowing that their efforts are not overlooked.

We at Valley Health System appreciate the many ways our employees go the extra mile for their patients. We know that balancing work, home, family, and community responsibilities can be difficult. That’s why we consistently recognize those who have made a commitment to our organization and our patients by offering some little “extras” that can make their lives run more smoothly.


Company Summary
Valley Health System
Number of Employees
(201) 291-6105
223 North Van Dien Avenue
Ridgewood, NJ