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  • How Great Mothers Make Great Leaders
    with Jas Singh and Jenna Connour - May 18, 2015
    In a world of fast-paced, high-pressure jobs, companies are often looking for employees that can “handle the heat.” And who is better suited to handle pressure than a mother? Salary.com estimated last year that a stay-at-home mother would earn an annual salary of nearly $119,000, if compensated for all of her mothering duties. In the workplace, mothers can be just as valuable. Jas Singh returns to LJNRadio to share his insi...
  • What <q>Frozen</q> Teaches Us About Hiring
    with Jas Singh and Jenna Connour - March 8, 2015
    Disney’s hit movie, “Frozen,” tells the story of two sisters: Elsa, the magical queen of Arendelle, and Anna, her free-spirited younger sister. The film offers many lessons for youngsters, but these can also apply to professional hiring processes. Jas Singh – Director of Iopa Solutions, a recruitment and hiring consultancy based in London – joins LJNRadio to explain the knowledge that hiring managers can gain from “Frozen.”