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  • Coaching Skills
    with Martha Duesterhoft and Tim Muma - January 12, 2014
    Managers come in all different personalities and styles, but there are usually key aspects to being successful. Martha Duesterhoft, human resources professional and executive coach, says her experience shows the most positive impact managers have comes from operating as a coach. Martha fills Tim Muma in on the ways coaching looks and sounds differently than typical management.
  • What Truly Matters When Hiring
    with Gary Swart and Tim Muma - December 29, 2013
    Whenever you're hiring someone, it's a challenge to handpick the perfect candidate, but it's also important to understand where missteps may occur. Gary Swart, CEO of oDesk, argues that most of the time, the issue lies in what the employer deems most important. Gary explains what aspects truly matter when hiring personnel and how focusing on factors other than skill and knowledge will lead to greater success in hiring.
  • Managing Employees Who Work From Home
    with David Heinemeier Hansson and Cady Chesney - December 19, 2013
    In our increasingly digital age, working from home is becoming a popular option. This allows companies to not only save money, but also increases employee morale and motivation. We're with David Heinemeier Hansson, co-author of "Remote: Office Not Required," and Partner at 37signals. He talkes about the benefits of telecommuting from an employer perspective, as well as how to manage employees and ensure that work is being c...
  • Things a Boss Should Never Say
    with Dave Kerpen and Tim Muma - December 13, 2013
    Effective communication can never be emphasized enough in the workplace, especially when a boss or manager of any kind is speaking. Being human, however, means there are things these individuals may say that have long-lasting negative effects. Dave Kerpen, CEO of Likeable Local, joins Tim Muma to give some examples of these bad phrases and how they impact the target, as well as the rest of the organization.
  • The Beauty Bias
    with Susan Pyles and Tim Muma - December 1, 2013
    There has recently been some conversations related to perceived beauty or attractiveness and the impact it potentially has on hiring and the workplace. Susan Pyles, Senior Talent Consultant and Trainer with ERC, joins Tim Muma to discuss the "beauty bias" and how it can manifest itself in the business world. She also explains what the law says about hiring based on looks and whether or not there is an advantage to employing...
  • Managing Emotional Employees
    with Jackie Mueckenheim and Tim Muma - November 26, 2013
    Emotions can run high in a place of employment, whether it's brought on by a co-worker or a personal event. Many factors can negatively affect an employee, leading to potentially unpredictable responses and struggles on the job, impacting multiple employees in the process. Jackie Mueckenheim of ERC joins Tim Muma to discuss effective strategies for managing emotional employees, from recognizing signs to approaching the indi...
  • Forecasting Managerial Talent
    with Victor Lipman and Tim Muma - November 25, 2013
    Managers, those in charge of leading a team of individuals, are the driving force behind long-term success at any organization. While many employees are great at their jobs, it's not so easy to predict who will become an effective manager. Victor Lipman, founder and principal of Howling Wolf Management Training, uses his experience as a frontline manager to give Tim Muma advice on forecasting managerial talent. While imposs...
  • Essentials for New Managers
    with Victor Lipman and Tim Muma - November 22, 2013
    Making the switch from productive "general" employee into a manager's position is often a challenging, eye-opening experience. Too few individuals are trained to manage others, creating a steep learning curve at the start. Tim Muma talks with Victor Lipman, founder and principal of Howling Wolf Management Training, who uses his experience as a frontline manager to give the rookies some essential areas to focus on to help en...
  • Early Recognition to Aid Retention
    with Cord Himelstein and Tim Muma - November 18, 2013
    It's no secret American workers are quick to leave one employer for another with the average job tenure less than five years and millenials barely staying beyond three. Cord Himelstein is the vice president of marketing and communications for Michael C. Fina, an employee recognition company, and he offers up an underutilized strategy. Cord argues companies need to recognize employees sooner and he gives Tim Muma some detail...
  • Affordable Care Act Overview for Employers (Pt. 1)
    with Ken Marsh, Chad Winters and Lynn Molitor - November 15, 2013
    The Affordable Care Act is a U.S. federal statute signed into law by President Barack Obama on March 23, 2010. Most of the major provisions of the Affordable Care Act will be phased in by January 2014. In preparation, Lynn Molitor discusses how employers will be impacted by this law with Ken Marsh and Chad Winters from Infinity Benefit Solutions. In the first part of this two-part episode, the basics of the law are reviewe...